Income Statement Financial year Preceding financial year
Operating income
Gross margin € 754,540
Stock of work in progress and finished goods and contracts in progress: increase (decrease)
Fixed assets produced
Other operating income
Operating expenses
Trade goods, raw and auxiliary materials
Stock: decrease (increase)
Services and miscellaneous goods
Remuneration, social security charges and pensions € 704,054
Depreciation and amortization of formation expenses, intangible and tangible assets € 12,661
Write-downs on inventories, contracts in progress and trade receivables: additions (reversals)
Provisions for liabilities and charges: additions (uses and reversals)
Other operating expenses € 4,980
Non-recurring operating expenses
Operating profit (Operating loss) € 32,845
Financial returns € 315
Recurring financial income € 315
Income from current assets
Other financial income
Non-recurring financial income
Financial costs € 1,834
Recurring financial costs € 1,834
Cost of debt
Write-downs on current assets other than inventories, contracts in progress and trade receivables: additions (reversals)
Other financial costs
Non-recurring financial charges
Profit (Loss) for the year before taxes € 31,326
Withdrawal from deferred taxes
Income taxes € 10,995
Regularization of taxes and reversal of provisions for taxes
Profit (Loss) for the fiscal year € 20,331
Withdrawal from tax-exempt reserves
Profit (loss) for the year to be appropriated € 20,331
Results processing Financial year Preceding financial year
Profit (loss) to be appropriated
Profit (loss) for the year to be appropriated € 20,331
Profit (loss) carried forward from the previous fiscal year
Addition to equity
Accumulated profits losses € 1,078,183
Profit to be distributed
Assets Financial year Preceding financial year
FIXED ASSETS € 489,747
Intangible fixed assets
Tangible fixed assets € 70,690
Land buildings € 29,632
Plant machinery equipment € 31,374
FUrniture vehicles € 9,683
Other tangible assets
Assets under construction and prepayments
Financial fixed assets € 419,058
Affiliated financial fixed assets
Other financial fixed assets
Shares and units
Receivables and cash guarantees
Non-current receivables
Other receivables
Inventories and orders in progress € 30,997
Stocks € 30,997
Orders in progress
Receivables due within one year € 242,928
Trade receivables € 199,501
Other receivables € 43,427
Money investments
Own shares
Other investments
Cash and cash equivalents € 645,942
Accrued expenses € 17,896
ASSETS € 1,427,510
Liabilities Financial year Preceding financial year
EQUITY € 1,293,862
Equity contribution € 75,000
Capital € 75,000
Issues capital € 75,000
Outside capital
Issue premiums
Revaluation capital gains
Reserves € 140,679
Unavailable reserves € 34,768
Legal reserve € 7,500
Purchase of own shares
Other reserves
Tax-free reserves
Available reserves € 105,910
Accumulated profits losses € 1,078,183
Investment grants
Provisions for risks and costs
Pensions and similar obligations
Other risks and costs
Deferred taxes
Amounts payable € 133,648
Non-current liabilities
Financial debts
Unsubordinated debentures
Credit Institutions
Other loans
Amounts payable within one year € 128,233
Financial debts
Credit Institutions
Other loans
Trade debts payables € 55,322
Suppliers € 55,322
Prepayments on orders
Liabilities related to taxes, remuneration and social security contributions € 72,911
Taxes € 11,575
Remuneration and social charges € 61,336
Other liabilities
Accrued expenses € 5,415

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