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Gerechtelijke ontbinding of nietigheid
  Founded in 09-10-1986
Income Statement Financial year Preceding financial year
Operating income
Gross margin € 18,265 € 9,098
Stock of work in progress and finished goods and contracts in progress: increase (decrease)
Fixed assets produced
Other operating income
Operating expenses
Trade goods, raw and auxiliary materials
Stock: decrease (increase)
Services and miscellaneous goods
Remuneration, social security charges and pensions
Depreciation and amortization of formation expenses, intangible and tangible assets
Write-downs on inventories, contracts in progress and trade receivables: additions (reversals)
Provisions for liabilities and charges: additions (uses and reversals)
Other operating expenses € 466 € 373
Non-recurring operating expenses
Operating profit (Operating loss) € 17,799 € 8,725
Financial returns
Recurring financial income € 1
Income from current assets
Other financial income
Non-recurring financial income
Financial costs
Recurring financial costs € 318 € 764
Cost of debt
Write-downs on current assets other than inventories, contracts in progress and trade receivables: additions (reversals)
Other financial costs
Non-recurring financial charges
Profit (Loss) for the year before taxes € 17,480 € 7,962
Withdrawal from deferred taxes
Income taxes € 6,000 € 0
Regularization of taxes and reversal of provisions for taxes
Profit (Loss) for the fiscal year € 11,480 € 7,962
Withdrawal from tax-exempt reserves
Profit (loss) for the year to be appropriated € 11,480 € 7,962
Results processing Financial year Preceding financial year
Profit (loss) to be appropriated
Profit (loss) for the year to be appropriated € 11,480 € 7,962
Profit (loss) carried forward from the previous fiscal year
Addition to equity
Accumulated profits losses € -134,384 € -145,864
Profit to be distributed
Assets Financial year Preceding financial year
Intangible fixed assets
Tangible fixed assets
Land buildings
Plant machinery equipment
FUrniture vehicles
Other tangible assets
Assets under construction and prepayments
Financial fixed assets
Affiliated financial fixed assets
Other financial fixed assets
Shares and units
Receivables and cash guarantees
CURRENT ASSETS € 2,575 € 2,338
Non-current receivables
Other receivables
Inventories and orders in progress
Orders in progress
Receivables due within one year € 973 € 761
Trade receivables
Other receivables € 973 € 761
Money investments
Own shares
Other investments
Cash and cash equivalents
Accrued expenses € 1,602 € 1,576
ASSETS € 2,575 € 2,338
Liabilities Financial year Preceding financial year
EQUITY € -115,784 € -127,264
Equity contribution
Capital € 18,600 € 18,600
Issues capital € 18,600 € 18,600
Outside capital
Issue premiums
Revaluation capital gains
Unavailable reserves
Legal reserve
Purchase of own shares
Other reserves
Tax-free reserves
Available reserves
Accumulated profits losses € -134,384 € -145,864
Investment grants
Provisions for risks and costs
Pensions and similar obligations
Other risks and costs
Deferred taxes
Amounts payable € 118,359 € 129,602
Non-current liabilities
Financial debts
Unsubordinated debentures
Credit Institutions
Other loans
Amounts payable within one year € 118,359 € 129,602
Financial debts € 2,804 € 2,332
Credit Institutions
Other loans
Trade debts payables € 764
Suppliers € 764
Prepayments on orders
Liabilities related to taxes, remuneration and social security contributions € 6,000
Taxes € 6,000
Remuneration and social charges
Other liabilities € 108,791 € 127,270
Accrued expenses
TOTAL LIABILITIES € 2,575 € 2,338

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