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Opening faillissement
  Founded in 24-12-1986
Subject Date
  Bvba Anderlecht Kbo Nr. <A Href="/Mopdf/2013/10/25_1.Pdf#Page3261">Beeld</A>Ambtshalve Doorhaling Ingaande Vanaf: 27/07/2013 25 Oct 2013
430.062.663 Rubrique Fin (Cessation, Annulation Cessation, Nullite, Conc, Reorganisation Judiciaire, Etc...) 08 Nov 1989
Bvba 430.062.663 Rubriek Einde (Stopzetting, Intrekking Stopzetting, Nietigheid, Ger. Ak., Gerechtelijke Reorganisatie, Enz... 08 Nov 1989
430.062.663 Capital, Actions - Assemblee Generale - Statuts (Traduction, Coordination, Autres Modifications, …) 26 Oct 1988
430.062.663 Demissions, Nominations 27 Mar 1987
Mecatube Sprl Anderlecht 430.062.663 Bl487217 Rubrique Constitution (Nouvelle Personne Morale, Ouverture Succursale, Etc...) 17 Jan 1987

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