Analyse financial situations of companies

Find out the financial situation of potential customers, suppliers or business partners by consulting official information and key figures.

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We offer applications to make your financial analysis smoother.

Look up VAT number

Search for companies by their name, address or VAT number.

Financial statement lookup

Search directly for a specific year's financial statements.

Person search

Search for individuals and their holdings in companies.

Financial analysis

Search extensively with various filters such as location, activity or year for companies and compare their key financial figures.

Watch list

Add companies to your personal watch list and categorize them to keep track.


Choose which companies you want to receive notifications from to always be aware of new updates or publications.

Company information

All the data you need.

With, you always have access to up-to-date business information that can help you make important decisions.

Company data

Quality, up-to-date and complete information on all Belgian companies.


Find out the ultimate stakeholder and decision maker of an organization.

Key financial figures

Understanding the financial health of companies using the most commonly used ratios.


Up-to-date publications of a company. Easy to navigate with a filter function.

Financial statements

Consult digital versions of official financial statements. These are automatically adapted to your language.


Full address of branches and locations.


Sort companies by their activity or sector and identify the most important players.


Automatically generated and up-to-date lists of the top companies in a given sector or region.

Quality, current and complete information

With our company information module, you always have access to quality, up-to-date and complete information on all Belgian companies.

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Official company data such as their financial statements and publications are automatically stored and visible in this application.

1.18M+ Companies

3.92M+ Publications

5.67M+ Financial statements

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